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Blackboard Shots with Prefix "Caen"

Caen is a town in Normandy. Here it refers to the workshop linked here.

120614-111118: The Infinitesimal Alexander Module.

120614-111111: $\tilde{E}Z^w$.

120614-103607: The differential of the exponential function and BCH.

120614-103601: The Euler trick.

120614-100409: The topological beta calculus.

120614-100401: Separating the body from the soul.

120613-174037: The origin of the terms in the swap formula.

120613-172556: Example: Computing the virtual trefoil.

120613-165622: The four commutative diagrams for $\beta$-calculus.

120613-162516: The Yang-Baxter elements.

120613-160322: $\chi$ and $\chi^{ss}$.

120613-155749: $J$, $K$, wheeling and dewheeling.

120613-152422: The $\beta$ relation and other internal quotients.

120613-150401: The three forms of the u->w map.

120613-145720: More conventions talk.

120613-144729: Options for June 13.

120612-165502: Proving the equivalence with Alekseev-Torossian.

120612-163400: The three w-equations.

120612-153905: What's in u, what's in w, and what's in between.

120612-152046: High quality associators.

120612-151544: The twist relation.

120612-150450: Some topology of 2D in 4D (2).

120612-143455: Some topology of 2D in 4D.

120612-141949: Possible further topics.

120611-182059: The double tree construction.

120611-180051: Adding the 1D red lines.

120611-174303: The almost-complete u-w algebraic structure.

120611-172128: Generators and relations for KTG.

120611-171002: Algebraic Knot Theory.

120611-163646: Knotted trivalent graphs are merely tangles.

120611-161523: The identification of div.

120611-154658: ${\mathcal A}^w$ between AT and KV (2).

120611-154104: ${\mathcal A}^w$ between AT and KV.

120611-152755: div, u, and l.

120611-151200: Differetial operators and the adjoint.

120611-145630: A short exact sequence for tder.

120611-143615: The commutator of trees in ${\mathcal A}^w$ (2).

120611-142304: Trees and wheels in ${\mathcal A}^w$.

120608-175816: Proof of the algebraic definition of ribbon knots.

120608-174230: The reality condition.

120608-173746: Algebraic knot theory.

120608-172459: Polynomiality, links.

120608-170904: The simplest bicrossed product, steps in the construction of a knot.

120608-164511: The meta-bicrossed-product of arrow diagrams and its underlying topology.

120608-162419: The meta-group of chord diagrams.

120608-161744: The meta-group of groups.

120608-160926: The meta-group of tangles.

120607-171342: The Lie algebra structure on wheels and trees.

120607-171334: Wheels and trees.

120607-170318: PBW in the w-case.

120607-164945: ${\mathcal A}^w$.

120607-164035: $Z^w$.

120607-155332: The Roman XII relation.

120607-154543: The quadratic approximation to v-tangles.

120607-153804: An aside on braid-like and cyclic Reidemeister moves.

120607-151653: Virtual tangles and their projectivization.

120607-145824: Planar algebras and circuit algebras.

120606-180443: Tangle closures and ribbon knots.

120606-174143: Exponentials, flows, conjugation.

120606-172903: Interpretation as differential operators.

120606-170311: The map into ${\mathcal U}(I{\mathfrak g})$.

120606-164744: The homomorphic expansion for $wB_n$.

120606-163407: More 6T, $qG$-expansions.

120606-162058: The 6T Relation.

120606-161337: The degree 1 piece of $qG$.

120606-153629: $PwB_n$, projectivization.

120606-151141: No title.

120606-143931: The Scheme: Topology, Combinatorics, Low and High Algebra.