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12:45, 3 February 2019Triplesalomon.jpeg (file)158 KBRobert FERREOLKnot with 12 crossings and 3 loops1
04:55, 24 January 2019Jpmdgfieodphjphg.png (file)34 KBRobert FERREOL 1
11:12, 19 June 2018IMG 20180618 140044.jpg (file)1.15 MBRobert FERREOLlogo of the tanjong pagar community club, singapore1
13:47, 4 June 2018Vitrail.jpg (file)44 KBRobert FERREOLStained glass church in Paris1
04:58, 4 June 2018Multan.jpg (file)46 KBRobert FERREOLSum of four trefoils, Multan, Pakistan1
04:34, 4 June 2018Murato.jpg (file)24 KBRobert FERREOLlink, church of Murato, Corsica1
01:37, 16 February 2018Symboleraelien.jpg (file)294 KBRobert FERREOL 1
15:59, 1 January 20182017-12-07 10.44.34.jpg (file)75 KBRobert FERREOLMexican book1
14:46, 21 November 2017Hejpgjbkidfklplm.png (file)60 KBRobert FERREOLlink with 12 crossings1
12:13, 20 November 2017Stemariemajeure.jpg (file)76 KBRobert FERREOLpavement of Basilica of Saint Mary Major1
01:38, 3 November 2017Logo-forumdelentrepreneuriat.png (file)8 KBRobert FERREOLFrench logo1
11:15, 2 October 2017Photo 01-09-2017 besalu.jpg (file)54 KBRobert FERREOLchurch of besalu, Catalogne1
00:43, 23 September 2017NOEUD.jpg (file)22 KBRobert FERREOLknot, sum of 4.1 and 7.71
04:19, 4 March 2017Clfdpjmlgjanmaid.png (file)43 KBRobert FERREOLL9a401
16:46, 17 February 2017Bnokfdccoamjjhjc.png (file)35 KBRobert FERREOLL9a401
16:36, 17 February 2017Gkmenihdgfpgioch.png (file)31 KBRobert FERREOLL8a131
04:06, 16 February 2017Zurich2.jpg (file)1.12 MBRobert FERREOLnational swiss museum1
03:05, 16 February 20172017-02-14 11. zurich.jpg (file)298 KBRobert FERREOLnational swiss museum2
12:49, 7 February 2017Epitrocoide-1.5-alt.png (file)44 KBRobert FERREOLknotted epitrochoid1
09:44, 4 February 2017Lhkejgdpgkodiill.png (file)171 KBRobert FERREOLknotted epitrochoid1
12:54, 25 January 2017Ndkkoebhdfnbkdcf.png (file)32 KBRobert FERREOLL9a32 made with an hypocycloid1
12:16, 25 January 2017Oddcnlclmfplejdg.png (file)32 KBRobert FERREOLlink L9a33 made with an hypotrochoid1
12:39, 20 January 2017Assiette.sicile.jpg (file)60 KBRobert FERREOLsicilian plate1
06:13, 7 November 2016Ideal LD KL graph.JPG (file)23 KBBrianGilbertL/D for Ideal knots and links1
06:08, 7 November 2016Ideal LD graph.jpg (file)23 KBBrianGilbert 6
04:53, 7 November 2016IdealLinks 11n2.txt.gz (file)1.65 MBBrianGilbertIdeal Links 11 crossings non-alternating L11n231 to L11n4591
04:53, 7 November 2016IdealLinks 11n1.txt.gz (file)1.28 MBBrianGilbertIdeal Links 11 crossings non-alternating L11n1 to L11n2301
04:53, 7 November 2016IdealLinks 11a2.txt.gz (file)1.82 MBBrianGilbertIdeal links 11 crossings alternating L11a301 to L11a5481
04:53, 7 November 2016IdealLinks 11a1.txt.gz (file)1.71 MBBrianGilbertIdeal links 11 crossings alternating L11a1 to L11a3001
04:47, 7 November 2016IdealLinks 10n.txt.gz (file)790 KBBrianGilbertIdeal links 10 crossings non-alternating1
04:47, 7 November 2016IdealLinks 10a.txt.gz (file)1.14 MBBrianGilbertIdeal links 10 crossings alternating1
04:47, 7 November 2016Ideal 11n.txt.gz (file)734 KBBrianGilbertIdeal knots 11 crossings non-alternating1
04:44, 7 November 2016Ideal 11a.txt.gz (file)1.45 MBBrianGilbertIdeal knots 11 crossings alternating1
05:33, 6 November 2016IdealLinks.txt.gz (file)826 KBBrianGilbertIdeal links to 9 crossings5
05:31, 6 November 2016Ideal.txt.gz (file)961 KBBrianGilbertIdeal knots to 10 crossings11
17:01, 18 October 2016Képi Infanterie Sous-Lieutenant Armée Française.jpg (file)104 KBDrorbnA "Hungarian Knot", decorating French Military uniforms. By Jean-Marie Nicolas.6
01:14, 15 September 20161,2,3,4,5,6,2,7,8,1,6,9,4,5,9,3,7,8.png (file)35 KBRobert FERREOLKnot 9.201
01:06, 29 August 20161,-2,3,4,-5,-1,2,-3,6,-7,8,5,-4,-6,7,-8.png (file)30 KBRobert FERREOLpretzel knot P(3,3,-2)1
09:08, 27 August 2016P33-2.jpg (file)13 KBRobert FERREOLpretzel knot P(3,3,-2)1
08:45, 27 August 2016T53.png (file)40 KBRobert FERREOLtorus knot t(5,3)1
11:34, 18 August 2016Pkamiejfilefkplj.png (file)66 KBRobert FERREOLknot 8.191
11:59, 14 August 20168.5bretzel.png (file)55 KBRobert FERREOLPretzel knot 3,3,21
11:45, 14 August 20168.5symmetric.png (file)67 KBRobert FERREOLSymmetric version of 8.51
03:43, 8 August 2016Trueloversknot.jpg (file)17 KBRobert FERREOLTrue-lover's knot sticked1
02:27, 21 March 20168-4 Knot.png (file)14 KBAnonMoostechnical image cleanup2
11:59, 13 March 2016Stopper8 20.jpeg (file)8 KBJonesThis knot is known as the Ashley's stopper or the oyseterman's stopper.1
16:52, 10 March 2016Ajgjcgea.png (file)41 KBRobert FERREOLversion of L8a201
16:15, 10 March 2016Ashleys Stopper.gif (file)23 KBJonesAshley's stopper knot, also known as the oysterman's stopper, is a knot developed by Clifford W. Ashley around 1910. It makes a well-balanced trefoil-faced stopper at the end of the rope, giving greater resistance to pulling through an opening than oth...1
16:09, 10 March 2016Stopper.png (file)50 KBJonesAshley's stopper knot, also known as the oysterman's stopper, is a knot developed by Clifford W. Ashley around 1910. It makes a well-balanced trefoil-faced stopper at the end of the rope, giving greater resistance to pulling through an opening than oth...3
16:07, 10 March 2016Carreau.jpg (file)78 KBRobert FERREOLTiling ; 2 components, 12 crossings.1

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