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Data:K11n42/Kauffman Polynomial

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a z^9+z^9 a^{-1} +a^4 z^8+2 a^2 z^8+2 z^8 a^{-2} +3 z^8+2 a^5 z^7+2 a^3 z^7-5 a z^7-4 z^7 a^{-1} +z^7 a^{-3} +a^6 z^6-4 a^4 z^6-14 a^2 z^6-11 z^6 a^{-2} -20 z^6-9 a^5 z^5-12 a^3 z^5-2 z^5 a^{-1} -5 z^5 a^{-3} -4 a^6 z^4+2 a^4 z^4+26 a^2 z^4+16 z^4 a^{-2} +36 z^4+9 a^5 z^3+16 a^3 z^3+12 a z^3+11 z^3 a^{-1} +6 z^3 a^{-3} +3 a^6 z^2-2 a^4 z^2-20 a^2 z^2-9 z^2 a^{-2} -24 z^2-3 a^5 z-7 a^3 z-7 a z-5 z a^{-1} -2 z a^{-3} +2 a^4+6 a^2+2 a^{-2} +7