7 4 Further Notes and Views

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Celtic or pseudo-Celtic knot
Mongolian ornament
Susan Williams' medallion [1], the "Endless knot" of Buddhism [2]
Ornamental "Endless knot"
a knot seen at the Castle of Kornik [3]
A 7-4 knot reduced from TakaraMusubi with 9 crossings [4]
TakaraMusubi knot seen in Japanese symbols, or Kolam in South India [5]
Buddhist Endless Knot
Ornamental Endless Knot
Albrecht Dürer knot, 16th-century
A laser cut by Tom Longtin [6]
Unicursal hexagram of occultism
Logo of the raelian sect
Lissajous curve : x=cos 3t , y=sin 2t, z=sin 7t